Necmi Usta (Necmi Gunes)

Necmi Usta

Craftsman Necmi Güneş, comonly known as Necmi Usta, has been manufacturing dance shoes since year 1996. Necmi Usta has started his production with the name of Potin Kundura and later continued with the brand Necmi in Front. He is one of the first manufacturers of dance shoes in İstanbul and Turkey. He is well-known among Tango and Latin dancers in Turkey. He has developed an intercontinental fame, and gained many fans around the world, owing to the esthetical beauty, fine quality and comfort of his shoes. His modest workshop in Beyoglu, Istanbul has been visited also by many internationally famous dancers. His shoes were also put on sale in Istinye branch of Boyner, a prestigious chain store.

Necmi Usta's female tango and other dance shoes are on sale in our store since year 2009.

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